Novel Corona Virus - COVID-19 APRIL 5 quick updates - see other sections for more specific information


SARS/CoV2 / COVID-19 and a quick list of the Brimfield Response

The Town of Brimfield would like to provide information as to what we are doing as a town in response to the recent actions taken by the Governor to declare a State of Emergency relative the the COVID-19 virus.

This is a quick access list - further information may be found here or click on the red banner on the home page.

  • The first COVID-19 POSITIVE was identified in Brimfield April 1, 2020. There will be more cases and we are not inclined to report each individually - instead, we would suggest we use this information to reinforce the need to continue to be diligent in maintaining behaviors to keep our community and each one of us safe.  Guidelines can be linked from the page - by now, we have all heard them enough and have memorized them; now is the time to put them into practice if you have been lackadasical about it to this point.  
  • For anyone in need of ANY Support during this outbreak, please clink on this link.
  • COMMUNITY MASK USE.     The CDC as of April 3rd, now recommends that individuals going into the community should wear a mask - it is emphasized that the N95 hyperprotective masks used by those the medical community and the first responders are NOT necessary. There are numerous ways to fabricate a mask for casual use.  The idea of the mask is that everyone should assume he/she is infected and has the possibility of transmitting it to others.  These masks are less likely to prevent one FROM becoming infected. However, if everyone wears this mask, each will be less likely to transmit and this will help reduce the spread.  ASSUME EVERYONE HAS IT / ASSUME YOU HAVE IT and do what you can to protect the community and you and your family. Wearing a mask DOES NOT replace the need for social distancing, attention to "stay at home" recommendations, and attention to personal hygiene.
  • Governor Baker Orders All Non-Essential Businesses To Cease In-Person Operation Extended to MAY 4, 2020  
  • MARCH 19, 2020. BRIMFIELD officially declared a State of Emergency for the town.  This in and of itself does not materially change anything: the orders of the Governor's office are still to be followed.  THIS WILL NOT FORCE closure of businesses that are allowed under the State's orders.
  • The Brimfield Senior Center has canceled programs indefinitely. Staff remains available to help with questions or needs.
  • Meetings of town boards, committees and commissions will be limited to essential only; Select Board and Board of Health and will be conducted "virtually" - every effort will be made to make them open to the public as required by law - however, access and participation will be via computer in a webinar type format or via phone.  Please see this link regarding the changes to the OML and the efforts for Brimfield to allow for alternatives for participation via technological means. We will not have in-person participation but rather will orchestrate remote participation options via either computer or telephone.  Please be patient as we work through this.
  • We have officially prohibited public access to Town Buildings and ask that residents respectfully AVOID physically entering.  Please try to use the online capabilities of the website as much as possible  - example: for payment of excise taxes, etc. Please visit for services such as tax payments and building permit forms and other information that may allow an individual to get what information they need without direct personal contact. Also, phone and email access to information will also offer viable options. 
  • Staffing of Essential Town Departments will continue; however, if non-essential department can function remotely, it will continue to do so. At this point, presence in the office will be at the discretion of the DIrectors/Managers at this time and congregation will not be allowed.  
  • Regarding the May Show of the Flea Market:  Given the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak, the MAY show will be cancelled.  Please see the related notes on the Select Board Page.
  • By decree of the Governor, the Tantasqua Regional School District has closed school buildings until MAY 4th.  The schools will implement remote learning to mitigate this as much as possible.  Non-authorized Day Care facilities will also be closed.
  • By decree of the Governor, restaurants and bars will be prohibited from serving seated patrons beginning Tuesday, March 17 until MAY 4.
  • Congregations more than 10 people are prohibited.

We appreciate eveyone's patience and understanding during this situation and we wish all the best. 
Continue to take proper precautions to protect yourself and those around you from the spread of illness.