Instructions for remote attendance of TOWN MEETINGS

We are making every effort to comply with the Open Meeting Law for Brimfield town meetings. 


We will be implementing an online Webinar-like concept by using Microsoft Teams to allow the general public and Board Members to access Brimfield Board Meetings. Participation can be via computer or via phone. Keep reading for more information.

On every posting for a meeting in our Town calendar, you will see a Microsoft Teams Meeting information section, similar to the one shown below:



Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 857-400-7734   United States, Boston (Toll)

conference ID: 970 326 769#

Local numbers | Reset PIN | Learn more about Teams | Meeting options


This offers 2 different ways to participate

Joining the meeting. 

If you follow the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” you will be able to see the agenda, supporting documents etc as best as they can be presented online.

If you follow the link, you will be asked to either join in one of two ways.

  • Use the Teams app (will require a free download from Microsoft Corporation)
  • Use the Teams online app (no download but there are some limitations to this: cannot share your screen to the meeting; this will probably be fine in most instances unless you are planning to present something visual for the discussion - in most cases one should have sent this to the Clerk and/or Board Chair prior to the meeting regardless).

Call the number listed (+1 857-400-7734).  Once dialed in, it will request a conference ID or PIN. 

After you get requested to enter that information, enter in the conference number id, followed by the # sign. 

This will allow you to follow along on a phone call, but you will not be able to see any documents.

Please note: The Town of Brimfield is not responsible for any computer issues that may arise after using these tools, but we have tested different systems and feel these to be among the most user friendly and unobtrusive applications available.  These tools are cross platform and work on most Microsoft, Android and Apple devices.

Also, as per the modified open meeting law under this State of Emergency, meetings will be allowed to take place even if the technology fails; under such circumstances, the video and minutes would be posted ASAP.