Can I put leaves or debris into a town road?

(Brimfield Bylaw)

ARTICLE XXV: Roadside Rubbish Enforcement


 Section 1. Purpose: The purpose of this bylaw is to discourage and eliminate the dumping of household rubbish and all trash from the roadsides in the Town of Brimfield.


 Section 2: Definitions: For the purpose of this bylaw, rubbish is defined as any discarded material/s including, but not limited to, household trash, appliances, automotive parts, commercial or industrial materials, fuels, chemicals, or brush and leaves.


 Section 3: Enforcement: The Brimfield Police Department is authorized to investigate complaints under this bylaw and is authorized, with the consent of the Police Commission/Board of Selectmen, to prosecute when reasonable cause is shown.


 Section 4: Penalty: The penalty for such dumping shall be not less than $50  and not more than $500 per occurrence, plus costs of removal and disposal which may be ordered and conducted by the Board of Selectmen or the Board of Health.

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