Cable Television / Public Access TV

Cable Advisory Committee

What We Do

The Public Access staff works on day-to-day activities like recording town activities on video and it monitors the franchise agreement with Charter Communications. The committee oversees the purchase and use of cable equipment, and advises the Board of Selectmen on cable issues.

NOTICE: Video on Demand is temporarily disabled!

Due to an apparent hack attempt we have had a fatal malfunction of our Video on Demand equipment. This has been taken off-line and the time line and method of replacement and accessing this service will be announced. We are very sorry for this disruption and are working  to restore service as soon as possible. Meanwhile watch our daily schedule for cablecasts of municipal meetings and Public Access channel programs (Channel 191) on the left side of this page. Also watch our live cablecasts on Government Access Channel 192.

Creating Local Programming

We broadcast meetings of the Selectmen, town meetings, school activities, Senior Center programs, Hitchcock Academy events, and much more. Volunteers are welcome to get involved, learn how to use the equipment, and produce their own programs. Stipends are available for those who qualify.

Coordinating with Charter for Local Access

The 2007 franchise agreement allows cable access to reach more areas in town. The town hall, annex, a mobile unit, and the elementary school are all places where programming can be broadcast. The Cable Advisory Committee worked with Charter technicians to set up the necessary equipment. When aging equipment fails or broadcasts are interrupted, the committee contacts Charter for troubleshooting. The franchise fees collected by Charter are returned to the town in an annual lump sum, which the committee uses for operating expenses and equipment.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bob Datz Public Access Coordinator (413) 245-4100 Ext. 1151
Tammy Martin Clerk / Assistant