Declaration of Emergency for the Town of Brimfield

The Town of Brimfield has officially declared a State of Emergency for the Town of Brimfield regarding the SARS/CoV2-COVID-19 outbreak. 

This is done to be sure that the Town is positioned to act quickly to request aid from the State and Federal government should there be a need. This should underscore the severity of the problem in general and to instill in our residents a sense of seriousness about this situation.

However, this declaration does neither confirm nor deny the resence of a positive case and should not create undue anxiety - it is a governmental function to reiterate the seriouslness and to put our Town in a better position should we need to act. 

This declaration DOES NOT close businesses that are already allowed to be functional per the Governor's Orders.

At this time, please continue to follow the orders of the Governor regarding facilities that are open; markets, gas stations, and restaurants (providing TAKE-OUT only) are allowed to remain open; again, we emphasize the need to maintain distance and minimize the numbers congregating - common sense actions to maintain distance and reduce risk.

Continue to heed the CDC recommendations, maintain social distancing, check in on our neighbors and we will get through this. 

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