Curbside Trash & Recycling

Trash Bags

Trash bags are available to all residents for $20 per sleeve, which includes 10 bags. Bags can be purchased at the Board of Health office in the Town Hall Annex, County Line, Brimfield Market, Sunoco and. ALL trash must be placed inside the Brimfield trash bags.

Note: ALL TRASH MUST BE INSIDE THE PURCHASED BRIMFIELD TRASH BAGS.  The trash bag cannot be tied to the side of a trash bin or it may not be collected.


A little effort makes a BIG difference.

Did You Know...?

Massachusetts prohibits the trash disposal of the following items:
  • Paper and cardboard   
  • Leaves and yard waste
  • TV’s and computers
  • Bottles and cans         
  • Car Batteries   
  • Large Appliances

Be sure to keep these items out of your trash. More information is also available on


NOT Including Rt. 19


Adams Dr.

East Brimfield Holland Rd.

Hall Place Rd.

Old East Brimfield Rd.

Agard Rd.

East Hill Rd.

Hillside Dr.

Old Sturbridge Rd.

Allen Hill Rd.

East Old Sturbridge Rd.

Holland Rd.

Paige Hill Rd / Lower Haynes Hill Rd.

Apple Rd.

Echo Rd.

Knollwood Rd.

Second St.

Brookfield Rd.

Fifth St.

LaFlamme Rd.

Seventh St.

Champeaux Rd.

First St.

Little Alum Rd.

Sixth St.

Crestwood Rd.

Five Bridge Rd.

Little Rest Rd.

Sturbridge Rd.

Cubles Dr.

Forest Rd.

Marsh Hill Rd.

Third St.

Devil's Lane

Fourth St.

McIntyre Rd.

West Old Sturbridge Rd.

Dix Hill Rd.

Governor Fairbanks Rd.

Oakwood Rd.

Wood Hill Rd.


Including Rt. 19



Carriage Dr.

Haynes Hill Rd. (upper)

Millbrook Rd.

St. Clair Rd.

Colonial Park

Hollow Rd.

Monson Rd.

St. George Rd.

Dean Pond Rd.

John Haley Rd.

Mulcare Rd.

Sutcliffe Rd.

Dearth Hill Rd.

Kings's Bridge Rd.

North Main St.

Sutcliffe Rd.

Dunhamtown Brimfield Rd.

Lyman Barnes Rd.

North Main St.

Wales Rd.

Dunhamtown Palmer Rd.

Main St.

Old Palmer Rd.

Warren Rd.

Harnois Rd.

Mill Lane Rd.

Palmer Rd.

Washington Rd.

Hastings Lane


Prospect Hill Rd.


Recycling Paper: Accepted

  • Pack tightly in a plain paper bag or tie with natural twine or cotton string
  • Clean, dry, newspapers and inserts
  • Magazines, catalogs, paperback books
  • Paperboard boxes (remove cereal liners)
  • Junk mail, office, and computer paper
  • Paper bags
  • Corrugated cardboard, flattened (max 2’x2’x2’)
  • bundles: ties with natural twine or cotton string

Recycling Paper: NOT Accepted

  • No plastic bags or rubber bands
  • No wet, soiled paper 
  • No milk/Juice cartons
  • No thermal fax paper, waxed paper, carbon paper
  • or laminated paper
  • No stickers

Recycling Containers: Accepted

  • (Rinse out all containers to eliminate odors)
  • Glass bottles/jars only (all colors) – Remove all lids,
  • corks, neck rings, labels may stay on
  • Tin, steel & aluminum food cans & lids, aluminum foil
  • labels may stay on
  • All plastic containers labeled
  • All plastic containers labeled 1-7 (containers with
  • necks smaller than base) Remove all lids and neck rings

Recycling Containers: NOT Accepted

  • No broken glass, or light bulbs, window/auto glass,
  • dishes, glasses, pyrex or ceramics
  • No cans containing hazardous material, paint or
  • aerosol sprays
  • No motor oil or chemical containers
  • No plastic bags
  • No styrofoam

Other Recyclables


Motor Oil

Most Napa, Jiffy Lube and Hapco stores will accept used motor oil. Call Local stores for more details.

Auto Batteries, Sealed Lead / Gel-Cell Batteries

Automotive stores will usually accept batteries for recycle or trade.

Rechargeable Batteries

County Line Hardware and Howlett Lumber will accept these.

Laser / Ink Printer Cartridges  

Donate to Brimfield Elementary School for new technology fund-raising.

Household Toxics

  • Add kitty litter to latex paint to dry.
  • Add kitty litter or Oil Dry to oils and solvents. Dispose in trash.


Most local tire stores will accept tires for a fee. Check the phone book for store location and more information.

No Mercury

As of May 1, 2008, mercury products cannot be disposed of in trash when they reach the end of their useful life. Please visit the DEP site, or call the BOH office for the guidelines.

For More Information:
Brimfield Board of Health
(413) 245-4100 Ext. 1103
Republic Services
(800) 551-5584 (Residential)